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Dec. 5, 2021

One Dent At A Time

Most of us are always fighting an uphill battle. It just seems like nothing you do makes a difference. It’s as if there’s always a missing piece of the puzzle. You try and you try, but nothing ever happens. You want to give up! You want to surrender everything. But you realize that if you do, then everything you ever did was for nothing. Then every struggle was for nothing. But Like Abraham, you still hope against hope. You still hold on to the last string because you don’t want to go out in a whimper. You want to go out with your head held high.

You know in your heart, that even though the struggle is real, your God is even realer than your struggle. You know that the struggle wasn’t for nothing. My word to you today is simple to say, but harder to do. If you still have strength, If you still have breath, then keep fighting that uphill battle because you are not alone in the fight. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. You may not think you are making a difference, but the devil is a liar. Every step you take, every move you make, you are making a difference. Believe it! Someone is being touched because of your love, your faith, your prayers and your words.

When the people were building the wall in the Book of Nehemiah, some may have thought they weren’t making a difference. But with every strike of the hammer, with every stone being pushed, with every little dent that was made, they were making a huge difference. That dent will turn into a masterpiece, but you can’t give up. As the church, we are called to make a difference. We need to leave our mark, wherever we go. Make a difference in your home. Make a difference in your school. Make a difference in your church. Make a difference in your community.

Make a difference in the world, one dent at a time.